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  • onAugust 17, 2020

15 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs

Cats and dogs are understood by the manifestation of their worldview. As an old joke goes, this is how a dog thinks about its owner(s): “This person’s great. She feeds me, she pets me, and she plays with me. She must be a god”. A cat, on the other hand, thinks: “This person’s great. She feeds me, she pets me, and she plays with me. I must be a god”.

Cats vs dogs have been a topic of debate for thousands of years. As much as the personality characters attributed to cat lovers and dog lovers is vague, an invisible line remains between these two types of people.

Cats are the type of pet that will snuggle you to show love rather than drool and lick your face. Cats have an instinctive way of living, they will love you when they want to love you and this is what makes them lovable. They make you work to have a relationship with them and that is the most attractive part about having them as pets.

1. Cats are easy to take care of

Cats can be indoor or outdoor and there is no need for walks. Cats do not constantly ask for human attention. But when you need it, the cat will provide it. Cats require less time and energy of their owners. Most cats are pretty lazy that they like to sleep for 16 hours a day.

Even playing with cats is easy. Cats curiosity allows you to play with them even with a crumpled piece of paper rolled into a ball. Toss it about the room and that will suffice to keep their energy levels high.

2. Cats are low-maintenance

Besides being much cheaper to get, cats are also low maintenance. All they need is a bowl of food and another of water, and a litter box. Cat care cost can be $300-$800 a year less compared to dog care cost and this figure is for basic living. With dogs, there are also more costs associated with boarding and dog-walking compared to cats.

3. They keep the house clean

Cat is strikingly different from the dog in terms of its utility. They are notoriously independent and untrainable – as Rudyard Kipling would write, the cat is “not a friend, and […] not a servant,” but “the Cat who walks by himself”.

Rodents and pest control is the skill happily mastered by cats.

4. Cats quietly creep around the house

A cat will accept when you have to leave the house. On the other hand, most dogs get upset and destructive.

Cats can easily entertain themselves and cater to their needs on their own.

5. They are litter-box trained

You have to clean up dog poop by picking it up yourself, cats can do their business in the litter box that is easy to clean. Also, it is much easier to potty train cats than it is for dogs. Most dogs often need professional training.

6. They can take care of themselves

Cats are a species known for their independence. You can go to work for 8 hours straight and your cat may not miss you or at least make a mess of it.

Although they love the attention they are extremely content spending time alone. What makes cat better than most pets is that they can become your companion and not a baby needing attention all day.

7. No complaints of noise from neighbours

Barking and growling are two of the main reasons for people relinquishing dogs to shelters in the US. With cats home, you will not have to worry about the neighbours complaining about your pet disturbing their peace. Also, cats do not meow as much as dogs bark.

Cats by nature are calmer, so when you have people over, they will just watch from a distance. When you need your cat to be quiet for a social event, it will.

8. No destruction inside and outside the house

Dogs chew furniture, shoes, and other things in the house they are kept for care. Moreover, they destroy things in the yard and garage. Cats also spray in the house and maybe bite and chew with their little mouth. But the problems caused by cats can be eliminated easily. One could say a cat can scratch furniture, but regular clipping of their nails and adding scratching posts in some corners of your house will solve this problem.

9. Cats are diligent at grooming and hygiene

Cats clean themselves, making cleaning them less of a pain. They don’t have that anal gland issue the dogs have.

If you keep the litter box clean and fresh with high-quality litter chances are, no one will ever notice that you have a cat.

Cats can have their claws whole and they don’t slobber while drinking. There are breeds of cats that don’t shed and I am not talking about hairless cats, there are cats with hair that don’t shed or shed very less.

10. Cats are better ecological pets

A study reveals that the area of land required to feed a medium-sized dog is 0.84 hectares annually compared to a cat which is 0.15 hectares.

Another study reveals some shocking facts as it concludes that, domestic dogs threaten at least 188 threatened species worldwide.

11. They don’t need much space

Cats can happily live with you in a studio apartment and never want more. Even keeping a single dog needs a lot more space.

12. They are really good mothers

Not only do mother cats nurse their kittens, but they also teach them to use the litter box, how to sharpen claws and whatnot. For dogs, this responsibility is upon the owners to teach puppies things.

13. Cat bites are not half as dangerous as dog bites

Dog bites have dramatically risen in number and severity in the past four decades. The average number of people dying from dog bites every year is 35. Even mild dog bites cause pain, injury and a huge risk of infection.

Cats do not pursue people to bite them and their bites cause mild pain. However, cat bites can be infectious.

14. Cats do not escape and even if they do, it is not a problem

You can have your cat be an indoor cat and then you don’t have to worry about it running away. Dogs have to go outside and so it is more likely for them to run away.

Dog escaping from the house or yard is a huge problem, whereas such a situation is less stressful for cat owners. Leave the cat to walk around the neighbourhood and be worry-free because it will come back home.

15. They are cute and funny

This might seem like an opinion. But the fact that there are thirty times more breeds of dogs than cats and yet we have more cat memes than dog memes around the internet tells it all.

Cats are cute, cuddly, soft, and funny. They can sit on your lap, lick your face, spend time hiding and do cute tricks.

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